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Secure your home loan buyers. With us, rest assured that your buyers are in the right hands. Contact us to get started today.

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We specialize in helping our Real Estate/Mortgage partners close more deals by serving our shared clients get into their dream homes in a timely and cost effective insurance manner.  We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to fine tune the home insurance for both our partners and our client’s needs.

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  • Our independent agency can secure insurance policies that are more comprehensive and more affordable. 

  • Our customizable policies and package options come with the best rates without forcing buyers to omit any specific coverage types.

  • Our agencies work with a comprehensive variety of insurance carriers to find the best rate for their specific needs.

  • Easy quote process that can quickly turn-around a comparative quote for your buyers and offer closing date flexibility.

  • We can provide ongoing support for buyers who aren’t familiar with the insurance market. We explain policies in detail and allow clients time to understand what they are signing. 

  • We have a reputation for maintaining strong relationships with our clients to support and service all their insurance needs for years.

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  • A-Rated carriers that offer affordable rates for homeowners

  • Expert or Experienced Agents that understand the importance of turnaround time for MB/LOs

  • Flexibility and knowledge to work on changing proposals to accommodate closing needs/time frames

  • Ability to educate along with working with MB/LOs to customize the right policy for closing

  • Willing to be as hand on or off per the request of the MB/LOs when it comes to the client – Change to -  tailor fit the MB/LOs needs on being of assistance for client’s coverage and how to be of assistance

  • Consultative process "understanding insurance" for our shared clients both prior and post-closing

  • High volume processing to ensure that all client requested quotes are carefully considered and returned as quickly as possible; Same Day.

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Quick Quoting and Smooth, Flexible Process

Your clients receive the same quality service you provide. Easy quote process that can quickly turn-around a comparative quote for your buyers and offer closing date flexibility.


Homeowner Policies

Large Independent Network of Insurance Carriers

Leading Homeowner Insurance Broker in Florida

Years of Experience & Experts in the Industry


Keep your Clients with your Insurance Partner

No risk of your client being referred to another company.

Shaking Hands

Easy, Accessible and Responsive Team

Flexible and convenient to meet your clients' schedule.



We've got you covered! Contact us to get started on your free personalized quote! With so many insurance companies to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right policy. We will help you pick that right policy.



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