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We don’t always see what’s around the corner but one thing is sure, the unexpected happens. When it does, you can be ready. Protect yourself and your business. Get a free personalized quote today.

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We help Florida individuals, businesses and families find an affordable insurance plan that offers the most benefits. Keeping the unique qualities of each individual in mind, one of our specialized agents will contact you with a free personalized quote and give you all of the information you need thus, providing real solutions.


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General Liability


Running a business is a major responsibility that can involve many risks.

Not only are you responsible for ensuring that your day-to-day operations run smoothly, but you’re also accountable for keeping your employees and property insured from injuries and damages. We can help you create a policy that’s designed to safeguard the best interests of your business - so you can focus on serving your customers and increasing your profits.

Commercial General Liability can prevent major financial losses if your business is sued or held legally responsible in the event of bodily injury or damage. With the proper policy, you can have most medical expenses, attorney fees, settlements, and reimbursements covered.

Coverages include:

Premises Liability

Products and Completed Operations

Premises Medical

Fire Legal Liability

Casualty Coverage

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Since there are many types of liability coverage, it’s important to talk with a specialist about the best options for your business.



Other specialty types of Commercial Liability, such as Foreign, Liquor, and Concession Liability, can aid in furthering the safety of your business’s future.

  • Foreign Liability protects employees who travel out of the country (for business purposes) in the event of injuries, damages and lawsuits.

  • Liquor Liability includes covering damages and injuries in which your business is held legally responsible as a result of serving liquor - from liquor establishments to office parties/special events.

  • Concession Liability keeps your special event stand insured from damage, accidents, or accidental injuries sustained to pedestrians.

Office Building


Property Insurance


Business property insurance is something every company needs – whether you own your own building, lease or work from home.

One of the core coverages in a business owners policy (BOP): commercial property insurance protects your building and its contents, as well as exterior fixtures, such as a fence or outdoor sign.

Commercial property insurance protects your company’s physical assets from fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft and vandalism.

Commercial property insurance covers your building, everything in it and just outside of it, including:


Furniture and equipment

Exterior signs

Fence and landscaping

Important documents


Others’ property

White Cars

Commercial Automobile Insurance


Since there are many types of liability coverage, it’s important to talk with a specialist about the best options for your business.



We understand the value of your commercial vehicles and the employees who drive them.


From trips across the country to local deliveries and promotions, your mobile business fleet takes on the open road to keep operations running smoothly – but accidents do happen.

Let our specialized Commercial and Business Insurance Agents customize a free and personalized quote for your business today.

We can help you create a policy that’s designed to safeguard the best interests of your business - so you can focus on serving your customers and increasing your profits.


Homeowner Policies

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As your business grows, your coverage can, too, with coverage designed to protect small businesses like yours.


Our quoting processes are precisely designed with efficiency in mind so you can spend less time dealing with insurance and more time focused on your business.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay bills associated with a work-related injury, including medical care and lost wages. It’s useful in many industries, including apartment and property management, auto services and dealers, cleaning, janitorial, condominiums, hotels, construction, contracting, health care, lawn care, landscaping, professional services, restaurants, bars, retail stores, transportation, and more.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides your employees and their families with peace of mind knowing that they won’t have to pay for medical treatment or other injury-related expenses.





Even if you’re an expert in your business, mistakes can happen; and if your client or customer believes that a mistake in your professional services has caused a financial loss, they can sue you.


Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance and professional indemnity insurance (PII),

helps protect you and your company if you make a mistake in your professional services.

So, what types of businesses need Professional Liability Insurance? Many types. Some states require businesses to have this type of insurance while in some states, business owners can choose to receive coverage just in case a client or customer sues them. You’ll likely need a professional liability insurance policy if you:


  • Have to sign a contract that requires you to carry coverage

  • Offer professional services directly to customers

  • Regularly give advice to your clients




We've got you covered! Contact us to get started on your free personalized quote! With so many insurance companies to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right policy. We will help you pick that right policy.


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